How You Can Spy On A Cell Phone Easily, Discretely and Effectively!


how to spy on a phoneIf you’ve wondered how to spy on a cell phone, I’ll show you right now!  There’s a way that you can secretly see all of someone’s text messages, mobile web browsing, phone call details and anything else they do on their phone.

And this doesn’t involved stealing or “borrowing” the phone at all – you can see this information without the person knowing that you’re keeping tabs on the phone.


So let’s get to it!  Here’s how to spy on a phone to get details about what someone’s up to:


The first step is to go and read this website – this will tell you about the “secret software” that lets you see what another person is doing on their phone


The software is called StealthGenie and it’s known as a cell phone spying program.  When you use it on a phone you’re able to track what happens on the phone WITHOUT anyone knowing.


This is your secret weapon is being able to spy on a cell phone.  With a simple installation you instantly have access to see complete details about what the person does on their phone.  This means you get to see:

  • Read all text messages that have been either sent or received
  • See full details about phone calls from the phone
  • Look at the phone’s contact list
  • View complete details about any mobile web browsing history


I won’t list everything as there’s a lot - click here to see all the features



If I Spy On A Phone, Can The Phone’s Owner Find Out?

We know that if you are able to see what someone is doing on their phone that you’re going to have a really good idea of what’s going on in their lives.  Of course this all changes if they know that you’re able to see this!


Which is why it’s critical that the software is undetectable!  Otherwise what’s the point of using it?  Sure you can spy on a cell phone but it doesn’t really do you any good since the person won’t use it as they usually would!

And as you might expect, with StealthGenie you don’t have to worry about that.  The way the program is designed makes it completely concealed.  Even if you search through all the applications or programs on the actual cell phone, you can’t see it’s there.


When it comes to finding out what another person has going on in their lives, this has got to be one of the easiest ways to do it.  You are able to see who they’re texting, who they’re calling, what websites they’re going etc.  And you even get to see WHAT they are texting.

Anyways, I’m babbling now!  If you want to spy on a phone go check out this program!


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